What do you know about Dubai?

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say:

It’s an emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a federation of seven states, all led by emirs. The IMF classifies the UAE as a high-income developing economy. The locals are Arabs. The primary religion is Islam. The time is ten hours ahead of Central time.

It’s hot and dry in terms of rainfall, but can be quite humid at times. The city is on the coast of the Persian Gulf.

The current population is only about 20% local and 80% expat–though there are calls to begin work to shift that balance as young Emiratis seek to enter the workforce.

The world’s tallest building is there. Man-made islands shaped like giant palm trees. A ski resort inside a mall. Needless to say, tourism and international business are…well, big business.

A lot of folks have asked about my rights. Can I drive? Yes. Do I have to cover up outside the house? Well…not by law, but by preference I do. Can I go out alone? Yup.

I know these are only the most basic data, but for now, this is about all I know about the place. I have been having fun searching real estate sites, virtually exploring rental villas and trying to imagine what daily life might be like. And for now, it’s all still in my imagination.


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