My husband and I are country people, perhaps in the most literal sense. I grew up milking cows on a small dairy in Wisconsin and he grew up in a tent, following a flock of hundreds of sheep and goats with his nomadic grandparents in Morocco.

I suppose it’s improbable that two such country people should end up married–and yet that is what happened. The small twists along the way served to ensure that when we met, we were a sure thing. Improbable, yet sure. And together we have continued down our own little idiosyncratic path as a couple and a family.

That brings us to here and now, a small Muslim family in America, keeping a small farm. It was very much What We Are Doing until just this January, when my husband brought home news of a job change that will require all of us to relocate to Dubai, UAE. And perhaps it’s a surprise that we’re all quite enthusiastic about going. Not to say we expect it to be easy–just now, I have a dozen emails in my inbox, people from two sides of the earth wanting to know a million things about the whos and whens and hows, and I still have livestock in my barn, the real estate to sell, an off-farm job to wrap up, and so, so many loved ones to try and spend time with before we leave.

I’m intrigued to consider what connections we might be able to make to agriculture in Dubai. What little I have heard from people is that, more or less, there is none. I question their perceptions. I’ll let you know what we find.


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