Back from hiatus

So, I took this long break from posting.

I had my reasons. Usually, there’s some vague excuse about getting really busy, or some sort of cataclysmic life event that interrupts writing; it was not this. Rather, a decision that the thoughts and feelings I was processing were better processed internally. So I kept things to myself a while, while we made some big decisions and big changes for the second installment of this life off the farm.

And here we go.

I withdrew the kids from an overpriced and overcrowded private academy in May, and we headed stateside for the summer. We’ve been spending a quiet season here, and now we’re in the middle of the fasting month, so things are indeed quiet, but below the still surface is the low rumble of a busy second expat year.

Plans are in the works for husband to make it stateside for a spell in a few weeks, before we all pack our bags and head back to the UAE. A flat has been rented, thankfully once again with close and easy access to the Persian Arabian Gulf. Just today, I finalized plans for enrolling both students in online school, and I am excited to have already reached out to the homeschoolers’ organization in Abu Dhabi. There’s already a plan to read with a book club (note to self: buy books before leaving), and the kids are looking forward to continuing their Tae Kwon Do instruction overseas. Somewhere in there is a family visit to Morocco, and if we get lucky, we can con some friend or family member into couch-surfing in our flat for a visit during Wisconsin’s cold season.

But it’s starting to sneak up again, the leaving. The part we really don’t like.

Once Ramadan is over and we’ve celebrated Eid al Fitr, the kids and I will be pushing hard to balance the start of the school year with spending every possible free moment with family and friends. We’ll be lucky to get a taste of fall, and the yellow light of September in our eyes before heading back to the heat and sandstorms of a UAE winter.

I’ll try to check in with highlights here and there.

The first year abroad was all about getting to know the challenge. We know the lay of the land now. We know who’s out there, what we’ve come to care about, and what we hope to get from all this. This second year is about setting our course and taking it forward, watching my kids discover who they are and who they’re meant to be. And as bummed as I am that I won’t have daily access to my sisters and best friends for a laugh or a hug, I am pretty excited to go chasing these next adventures.



One response to “Back from hiatus

  • Mo

    It has been my practice to push down any nagging thoughts regarding your return to UAE, just push them down and ignore them. But once again, the fact is, you will go and I will love you from a distance. Thank you for teaching me through your adventures, for allowing me to tag along through your writing and skyping. God was so sweet to choose for us to be sisters.

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