I’ve said this before

And I will say it again: Sometimes–often–I like animals better than I like people. It’s also entirely possible that animals like me better than…well, other people. Our visits with the Barbary Macaques in the forest above Azrou in the Middle Atlas Mountains were not only refreshing for the cool air and scent of cedar, but also for the experience of connecting with these amazing, smart, dignified creatures. There were lots of mothers and babies, naughty adolescents and several adult males among the lot, and with patience and a sense of humor, we were able to sit close, make eye contact, and offer them a bite to eat and a drink of fresh water.

Making friends with macaques


4 responses to “I’ve said this before

  • Mollie Michie-Lepp

    AMAZING!!!! Show me a zoo in the US where we can get up close and personal with the monkeys. Sure, touch a starfish, feed a stingray, hold a snake, harass a goat…..but the communicae between human and primate must be pretty cool! I’m jealous!

  • Rachel

    I’m totally bummed đŸ˜¦ I can’t see the picture.

    After the chaotic events of the past week, I whole heartedly agree with you: I like animals better than (most) people!

    I’ve enjoyed following your adventures the past few months, and look forward to your updates.

  • Rachel

    Yeah! I can see it now!

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