These are relatively random and disconnected.

1. The pools are chilled. What the heated pool is to home in Wisconsin, the chilled pool is here. The best, that is.

2. I am aware that shisha is tobacco. And yet, I find it charming. I am going to buy a hubbly-bubbly, and when we have a home, we will set up a garden space and spend evenings smoking like a caterpillar on a mushroom. More for the tableau than the tobacco.

3. I happened upon the Hindu temple today. No kidding. Just wandering through the old city, making our way to the abra station. You can smell your way there. It’s gorgeous.

4. We are all teetering at the edge of a melancholy hole. I almost said “abyss,” but I don’t need to be melodramatic and melancholy at the same time. I evade it with silliness; much nicer than “pull up your socks” talk.

5. It was so dusty today that I couldn’t see the top of the Burj Khalifa. From right nearby, I mean.

6. We had the hotel room treated for bedbugs. Hoping it works.

7. Fluorescent lights seem to give me vertigo all over again. Great reason to stay out of discount stores.

8. Noah is acclimating to the heat better than Meryem. That was unexpected.

9. I didn’t see it coming, but I have become a great fan of the black abaya. For reasons I’ll explain in its own post.

10. I need a piece of paper from Morocco in order to get my residence visa. I need it attested by two government agencies. I may actually have to take a trip to Morocco in order to get it.

11. All toilets here have butt washers. That is, if there is no bidet. Some toilets even have both. I prefer the butt washer to the bidet. I like to think everyone here is walking around with a nice, clean butt.

12. The people on the Close-Up (toothpaste) package here aren’t even actually facing each other. At least they have fresh breath.

13. My hair is falling out.

OK, this was a quickie while I wait to Skype with the family, but it’s where I am, here, today, lounging poolside (which you might think is about all I do, but really, I do more than that) before bed. Something more insightful, or at least thoughtful, to come another day.


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  • barbbytes

    Ah, the melancholy. It is such real, almost solid visitor, one that lurks in corners, lays over surfaces like a tearful drop cloth, and intrudes even on special moments. I was thinking about this very thing today, contemplating Ifrane and the distance from everything and everyone I cherish. You have several of those essentials close by, but the melancholy will still show up like a door-to-door salesman or Republican pollsters.

  • Old Mucker

    An unwelcome intrusion, indeed. The technology has been a gift thus far, but being the “people people” we are, we’re all beginning to wear thin in spots. Soon, soon, we’ll find a place for ourselves. Not unlike crossing the creek on the 2DH abra, you find a spot and make an earnest effort to sit, and those around open it into a more comfortable resting place. Just have to find the spot.

  • Sam Wiltzius

    Even over there you are still looking at packaging 😉 We sure miss you here at Directions. Very happy to read and catch up on your grand adventure, thank you so much for posting it and sharing it all with the world.

  • Todd Ostendorf


    Your writing is so elegant and your adventures are riveting. Thank you for sharing.


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