Goats are wild.

Once again, livestock win.

That is to say, M’barek missed it again. This time, by just a couple hours. He’s on a plane to Abu Dhabi, see. Got picked up mid-afternoon and headed for Chicago and a 14-hour flight straight to the Arabian Peninsula. But before he could even board, I called him with news: triplets.

Heeba’s spoken for. She’s going to join Pokey at his new home, but we have been hanging on with her, since she was obviously going to be kidding (I mean, really, really obviously) and, well, you know how February weather can be in Wisconsin. Minus twenty one day, forty-five the next. Or so.

So my kids came home from school, and we went out for groceries. When we returned, Meryem volunteered to help me feed the goats, and poor thing didn’t even make it out the door before I was coming back in for my molasses and towels. And no, I don’t have special towels for the livestock. And no, I don’t really care if you think that’s gross. There’s something in my understanding of the universe that has me convinced that all ruminants are pure and perfect. Probably because they are. People are certainly more foul.

Nubian with triplets

Three babies and two teats...we'll see how it goes

Proof of that? Heeba didn’t even need the towels. She had all three perfectly cleaned off, and I suspect they had all been nursed, judging by their rounded, warm bellies. I set up the little family with a private suite, a little grain and lots of hay, fresh water and warm molasses-water for the new mommy. We spent a little time snuggling with the babies (because you’re heartless if you can pass up a chance to snuggle any day-old baby, and most especially a goat baby) and as soon as they warmed up, they fell asleep. This gave Heeba a chance to tuck into some nice, soft grassy hay and fill all that space she suddenly has in her belly.

They’re cute. Mine, too.

Day-old kids
Meryem is at her absolute best with baby goats
Day-old kid
Kids will take any love you give them

Our job now will be to keep an eye on everyone and make sure no one is being left out, since Heeba’s only got two teats for feeding three babies. A little worrisome, but if I need to, I can put Heeba on the milkstand and pass around bottles until everyone is in the clear.

Poor M’barek. Yes, he is probably being treated like a king on his flight, but he would really have loved to see this. There is nothing like the first day of someone’s life.
This must have been the reason that, in my heart, I knew I needed to be finished working and home today. Last chance to be doing this for a while.
If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the barn.

4 responses to “Goats are wild.

  • kerc

    How the did I miss you had a blog? Or is this new? I love seeing the kids in photos and hope it will continue. I hope that this break from “working” will mean we get to see more of your writing.

    The goats are just darling. I struggle to wrap my brain around bringing them into the world and then finding homes for them.

  • TriMomRemade

    Love it. I echo Kerc comments about more writing. Yay!

    I have only experienced the birth of livestock once. When I was minding the farm for my family out West. Baby foal. Amazing.

  • Geri A Justinger

    Jo – thank you again for sharing. My only wish is that you would have started this blog earlier…I look forward to hearing more!

  • Bob

    Congratulations! They are soooo cute!!! Now we really want to raise goats!!!

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