This is what winding down looks like

Noah is home today. He’s precocious, though not in the same way as his sister: seems he has mastered, at the tender age of nine, the Man-Cold. So he’s upstairs coughing, sneezing, sipping hot tea and snuggling with cats. I drove Meryem to school, more or less because it was about the only way I’d get her there without devastating her. My kids hate the bus ride and tolerate it only because at least they can ride together. Meryem carried her brother’s homework to his teacher and confided in the bathroom to the office admin that he had already, in just the past 14 hours, “gone through a whole box of tissues.” Yup, that’s my boy. And my girl.

So after I dropped Meryem at school, I deposited the overdue DVD in the chute at the video store, then picked up my own “homework” at the office. From there, it was straight to the bank, then post office, health food store (tea, elderberry and echinacea), gas station (gas light on) and pharmacy (lotion tissues) before returning home to make fresh tea for Noah and coffee for me.

Then I edited a document  in need of revision. More work awaits, but so do the goats, and it’s barely above zero (Fahrenheit), so they need sweet feed and fresh water to help stoke their internal heaters and get them through.

We have a second realtor coming this evening. The realtors are preparing their broker market analyses for the relocation company, and from there I suppose we’ll have an idea of who is helping to sell the house.

I’m also in the process of arranging a phone conference with a second relocation company, this one in Dubai. They are the ones charged with finding suitable housing and schools. It’s my hope that M’barek will be able to view a few rentals and get a feel for neighborhoods when he goes next week. Did I just say next week?

Presumably, I have birth certificates to collect, school and medical records to request, typhoid shots to order. A shipper wants to come and do the shipping survey. I don’t even have a grip on what stays and goes. My sisters make lists when they start feeling like I’m feeling right now. Me? I’m no good at lists.

A couple months ago, I thought planning a family trip to Morocco sounded nightmarish. Today, that almost sounds downright breezy. Kids aren’t supposed to get sick during your last week on the job. Temperatures are supposed to be warmer than zero. Backs are not supposed to go out of joint. Houses stay clean and cats never puke. Bills pay themselves and no one needs clean underwear.

So I may have lapsed into temporary delusion. Doesn’t mean I’m not really thrilled on the inside to be facing this adventure. Let’s just hope the craziness is front-loaded. Indulge me.


2 responses to “This is what winding down looks like

  • Geri A Justinger

    I suck at lists too.
    Hang in there, and don’t forget to breathe – in and out – in and out.
    It will all work out 🙂 Big “virtual” hugs.

  • Margaret

    And still you make time to blog- and you do it interestingly. I love your writing style.
    Who does M’barek work for? Curious cuz my cousin’s son in law also works in Dubai.

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